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About Us

A story of local empowerment & ecological sustainability

In TUNART we are empowering artisanal fishermen in the coastal communities of Central America to supply for the first time Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna to nearby and international markets.

Before we began, these communities were relying on endangered shark as their only source of income. With Tunart, they are now earning four times more income, focusing on healthy tuna populations thus saving the previously targeted shark.

Due to our geographical location, Tunart has a logistical advantage in delivering high quality tuna faster, guaranteeing a fresher and tastier product.

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Our Inspiration

Home: About
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Sustainability is Key

In Tunart our mission is to work directly with independent artisanal fleets, to create a sustainable and fair industry that benefits the coastal communities that are in most need.

In Central American waters, tuna move alongside dolphins.

We work with many fishermen and their small artisanal boats to find dolphin pods migrating with big tunas, Our fishermen throw hand lines with hooks at the pod, directly targeting tuna, one at a time. This fishing approach is sustainable and has no by-catch.

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Always Fresh, Always Local

Our proximity to American markets, combined with a well-managed supply chain, makes us a preferred supplier of Fresh Yellowfin Tuna to Wholesalers, and food service companies that demand the best quality for their most discriminating customers.

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What makes our tuna special?

Locals refer to it as “The Ring of Fire Tuna”!

In the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Guatemala, the tectonic plate creates a rich ecosystem of marine species and acts as a natural year-round pathway for migrating Yellowfin Tuna, a relatively short distance from our shore.

We are passionate about preserving this marine environment through responsible and sustainable fishing practices that are designed to catch only Yellowfin Tuna at a mature stage in their natural growth cycle.

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Excellence is in our DNA

We pay close attention to small details that make a big difference in the quality of our Tuna.


A centuries-old technique from Japan that preserves flavor and texture and allows the Tuna to develop an “Umami” or savory taste dimension, when aged. We have integrated IKEJIME into our post-catch processes to guarantee that our Tuna offers the best taste and quality.


Cold Chain

From catch to delivery, we control and monitor the inner body temperature of our fish to always remain within the most exacting industry guidelines and standards. 

Data is gathered in real time at every step of the process to track and validate compliance. Our system is designed to maintain traceability, at the individual YFT level, from Catch to customer delivery.

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Share in our Impact!

Abolish unsustainable fishing

International Purse Seiner fleets that catch tuna for the canned industry have been exploiting our waters unsustainably and in high volumes for more than 35 years. These fleets do not provide any local jobs in the region and are damaging the coastal communities.

Changing regional market dynamics

Our regional marine initiatives will create a strong, local industry capable of sustaining itself for the long-term. It will empower us to work with governments to control and ban irresponsible bulk fishing in local waters to sustain a healthy Yellowfin Tuna lifecycle and population.

Local Fishing for Life

TUNART works with energetic local youth, who appreciate having an active job, and the opportunity of using their stamina and strength, to create fulfilling, sustainable employment for the future.

For over 35 years, indiscriminate high-volume exploitation of tuna for the bulk canning industry negatively impacted marine employment and damaged our local coastal communities.

Marine Stewardship

Before TUNART, these communities lacked the resources and skills to harvest our Yellowfin Tuna reserves. They relied on fishing for endangered shark as their only source of income. TUNART equips them with a new skillset, fishing only for higher-value, healthy and mature tuna. With higher earnings and restored occupational dignity, they also take pride in helping to conserve an endangered species.

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Strategic Partners

Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration

King Kampachi

King Kampachi

We are producers of the Ocean’s Finest Fish – our King Kampachi – in La Paz, Baja California Sur. We have closed the life-cycle of this species, with captive-reared broodstock that are now spawning, with our own land-based hatchery to produce the fingerlings, and with our offshore grow-out site  – 4 miles (6 km) off the coast of Bahia de La Paz, in the Sea of Cortez – where we grow the fish through to harvest size. We expect to become the world’s most consistent, highest-quality producer of this fish, in the near future. Our team works tirelessly to offer you the best fish you can eat and share with those you love.

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